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At a time when remote education is becoming more prevalent, both students and teachers need the right tools to create a productive learning environment. In addition, in-person classrooms need the right equipment to bring academic curriculums into the 21st century. In fact, most teachers create lesson plans with some level of multimedia content in mind. As a result, thousands of school and college systems are looking for high-quality wholesale electronics.

Fortunately, SM Distribution is equipped to provide schools (and their students) with name-brand electronics such as tablets and headphones, to help make lessons more engaging. By working directly with school and college districts, we can provide the best electronic equipment in bulk and help improve education in the process.


One of the largest markets that we serve is retail. This includes large retailers, travel stores, convenience shops, rest stops and airport kiosks. Most retail outlets do not buy their electronics directly from the manufacturer. By shopping at a wholesale reseller, you can find the brands that you want at a fraction of the price. 

This is why we have built an international network of retail electronics customers. In doing so, we guarantee fast, secure bulk shipments of electronics at wholesale rates. Our partnered retailers can then sell our stock at competitive prices, helping to boost electronics resale markets in dozens of countries and regions.


Like many industries, hospitality has to meet the specific needs of its customers. The hospitality industry is particularly focused on providing high-quality customer service and fast results. For example, a hotel chain wants to make sure that potential customers can quickly book a room and contact the hotel with any questions. Alternatively, a restaurant business wants to make sure that its customers can decide between dine-in, take-out, or delivery in a matter of seconds. All of these things require the right kind of electronics and software.

When SM Distribution begins the process of moving bulk inventory for a hospitality business, we talk with our partnered businesses to identify their pain points. Then, we work together to find the best products and services for them. Though we can offer a wide range of electronics, we often focus on smart electronics that help minimize errors and maximize efficiency for businesses that deal with hundreds (or even thousands) of new customers per day.


SM Distribution is a certified small business enterprise. This status allows us greater ability to compete for government contracts for local, state, and federal agencies requiring new wholesale electronics.

Government agencies often hold their vendors to a high standard. As a result, SM Distribution must provide top-notch logistical support and customer service at all times. By working with the strict standards of government agencies, we also help improve our processes and services for private businesses as well.

Corporate Gifting

Though corporate gifting may not be as large as a market, it still requires reliable wholesale distributors. When you provide corporate gifts, you want to know that you’re gifting a product of the best possible quality from a supplier that has it in stock. If you send someone a corporate gift that is low-quality or a gift that arrives in poor condition, you could be doing more damage to your reputation than if you had sent nothing at all.

With SM Distribution, you can place bulk orders for employee appreciation gifts, business gifts, corporate giveaways, promotional gifting, corporate gifts for clients, and more. You simply tell us what you need, how many you need, and we deliver the products to your doorstep. If you want corporate gift ideas or ideas for holiday gifts, you can also look through our catalog of products. Even if you have to set up a corporate gift order at the last minute, SM Distribution will ensure that you get your delivery without delay.

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    In order for us to match you with the appropriate department, please fill out the information as best you can